Every day is a new adventure

And so here I am with a blog. Who knows what will be established or accomplished here. I’m not exactly the planning type – at least not with my own life. To any who may visit, although I don’t have much to offer on my first post, I will offer you holiday greetings. A very warm and Merry Christmas (Happy Christmas to my UK pals!) to all of those celebrating Christmas. Happy and blessed Hanukkah for those celebrating that. Happy Kwanzaa as well. And anything else you might be celebrating right now – Happy that.

And here’s a toast to the new adventure of a blog. May I never run dry of words. May you never run short of patience!


One thought on “Every day is a new adventure

  1. Martin says:

    What? Lara run out of words? Unlikely methinks! Happy Christmas to the talkative one from Martin here in the UK on Christmas Eve!!!–>

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