Whisper your name

It matters not that you’ve
scaled the heights
when the sun sets early
on your day.

The grand and rushing
concourse of your life
comes to naught in
the quiet of
your evening.

But whisper your name
to the stars…
Tell them your story.
They mark you and
will remember
when you have flown
on fiery wings
to your true home.

Release your joy
to the sun
who will catch it gently
and shower the world,
that it should
live in the small
smiles of flowers
nodding in the
green spring.

Unburden your heart
to the life giving
waves as they sap
sorrow from the shore,
returning it to their
bosom in the depths.
They will release you.

Hold on to your love,
your wisdom,
your pain.
These are yours
to share from beyond.
Though your body
be frail
your soul is a giant.
It will carve away
fear until the only
sculpture left
is courage.

Hold tight to
your wings,
for even the caterpillar
must die
for his truth
to be born.

As night draws near
do not weep
small one.
The angels will
enfold you in
their tenderness.

Hold tight to
those wings
and whisper your
name to the stars…


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