Love song

He named me –
for starlight – Kindler –
so long ago

‘Tintallë … Tintallë‘
whispers fell into my hair
‘Kindle your light within me’
How had I known him by his bright love?
For an age his eyes seared
through the fabric of my mind and
opened the Way from which there is no return

‘Light me a lamp by which to steer my life’

and he loved me
to wondrous heights
He made know that I was whole
then smashed me to pieces on
his love
From wreckage smouldering in Delusion and Despair
a light arose soaring as a flame into the Dawn

Fable of the Phoenix made vision
flying past all comfort
to the place where What Was and What Will Be

simply Is

I knew neither peace nor torment for there was naught to be known
but not to stay

Plummeting like a spear to the murky depths
of the material

I gazed at him and the
light lingered in his eyes
on a breath

and he brought me neither bliss nor joy — as a basket of flowers

I am not his | he is not mine

In an outstretched hand, the secret to move mountains
but I did not understand
Whispering with the song of Eru
so long ago — from so very far away
‘Set a star for me — live in your light
We are of the same stardust and moonbeams’


Whispers circling my heart
Love to break not bind
Never to call my own


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