mystery to me

You remain a mystery
to me
of smoke that I breathe in
but have no recollection
of the scent

of the barely discernible
blue-white line on
the edge of the glaring ocean
assuring me that the earth
is definitely not a
continuation of the sky
yet denying me a foothold
at the spot they separate

You drift from me
on autumn breezes smelling
of gold and crimson
teasing me to follow along
behind, chasing
your fading laugh

I’ve seen you in the night as
a light just beyond my fingertips
not quite as high
as the stars

Have sighed to know
that you are
here next to me in
that bring-home-the-groceries

And you are as far
as the heart
of the sun

What am I to do?

How many masks will we wear?
and why won’t you just breathe
the words that
would unseal our hearts?

Touch me, child of the heavens
just once, give in
to the mystery


2 thoughts on “mystery to me

  1. eadaoin says:

    oh lara this is so tender and touching, you are a wordsmith xxx

  2. eadaoin says:

    oops i should probably have mentioned this is northstar!!

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