Whisper in the firmament

A new music stopped her
set her heart aloft
into the whirl of notes
sliding and trickling down to
liquid light of dawn

From whence did it come?
this harmony
without tingle of starlit glade
nor moon gleaming
through conspiring leaves
Asked the tiny star-flowers
that reached up
from her footsteps
“Do you know?”
they nodded coyly to
the leaves above
whispering secrets she
could not hear

In solitude of Isil’s beams
she wondered, reached
for the singer who brought
Anar’s fire flooding
through silver heart

Call from afar
wounding in a thousand ways
music in his voice
heat and light

She ran up hill and
over meadow to escape
the longing curled
about her waist like
a lover’s hand gently guiding
her steps to destiny
Yet she knew not
quivering touch
of lover’s hand
nor butterfly brush of
lips on her brow
Her heart was her own
never taken, never offered

Thingol’s daughter, Melian’s joy
Her dance was radiance
welling moonlight spilling
on to grass
splashing forest leaves
silvering all things
beneath her feet
Always alone in bliss
until his song

She fled through trees
across river stones
notes of his voice
lighting her steps with
love, lest she be lost and the
world unforgivably marred

She felt, tasted
love inside the wind
heard the pulse of her life
slide into rhythm with his
gentle mist adorning
raven hair with
unworldly iridescence
saw him step from silvered trees
Leaves, star-flowers
silent now, their plot complete
And she understood

a name softly moving
the worlds
to run fate down
a different path

Sank to his knees
before her
meeting her eyes at last
a face with only love
as its light, a soul with
only her at its centre

All things in Arda stilled
for her answer
star-flowers bowed on slender stalks
she walked past
to the circle of his arms

A whispering echo through
through the Firmament


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