untitled 1

I winged my way over the Earth
carving my own arc
through the pristine blue of her sky
whispers came of nameless things
the thoughts of clouds
dreaming of the stars beyond their reach
aspiring to the heights of space

As silver rain hurtling with a heart of pain
into the deeps of the sea I fell
into the profound, slow silence
of existence untroubled by waves
cradle of life, pulsing unchangeable
collecting the tears of broken hearts

Gently I washed up onto the shore of
a new land, clear, full of hope
sank into the soil, drinking in the timeless
truth of the Earth
wisdom that accepts all
and holds no pain in the
scarred palm of her hand
where lifelines trace our destiny

With a whisper, I found my way to
the fire that is the heart of all
the life that flickers in the Void
and there immolated, destroyed, 
in the rawness of agony
I found new birth in the core,
in the white heat of my centre


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