The smell of spring

I just noticed something this morning … The air has the scent of spring. I’m not sure how to describe it – maybe you know what I mean – but it feels … fresh, new. It’s not a smell really, but there’s a fullness, an expectancy in the coolness of it. It’s not like winter that has a kind of deep, introspective feeling. When you breathe it in, you think of snow and the deep sleep of nature. This morning I got something different – a kind of aliveness, some quality in the breeze that isn’t warmth, but lets you know that spring is on the way. Heh … or I could just be crazy …


One thought on “The smell of spring

  1. Jen C says:

    I know what you mean about the smell of spring Lara – everything comes alive after sleeping all winter.

    Great blog! I love that the background kind of looks like pages from an old book!

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