This too shall pass

"And this too shall pass"
read the golden words
etched deep in the hill of sorrow

No man with a broken heart
could fail to miss the wisdom
behind the simple words

They were written deep
etched in ever deeper with
every cry of anguish

Lit more brightly with
the whisper of every prayer
born of love, despair, longing

Some of us lay down to die
under the weight of
sorrows only we can bear

Some of us hold others high
because we are born
to do just that

Some of us are born
with hearts full of sorrow
breaking with pain and regret

And some of us know only
joy and are the light
for our friends to follow

But all of us will reach
this hill and see the words
all hearts must hear

All of us will feel the light
and see the truth
to believe or not

"And this too shall pass"
is written there
in my heart and in yours

It means our life, our joys
and fears all pass, melting
into the doorway

That leads beyond the golden light
to the moonlit gentle road
that takes us home at last

May 6/06


One thought on “This too shall pass

  1. Laura says:

    This is a beautiful poem lara, and wonderfully captures many things that could not be captured in any other way. *HUGS*

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