I love this game

I’ve been watching football (soccer) day and night for a couple of weeks now. The world fleets by. Stock prices go up and down. Israel and Palestine have some more conflict. Iraq gets messier. We deploy more troops to Afghanistan. Angelina Jolie talks to Anderson, both of them getting cooler by the minute. But all I can see is football. All I can think is football. I’m loving this World Cup. I’m soaking up every glorious minute, every penalty call, every goal, every win and loss. Loving it.

Finally the Cdn network boys’n’girls figured out that football is what people want to be watching this month, even here in North America. Finally we have coverage of all the games, along with replays. Finally. And you know what I miss? Switching over to Omni or RAI to see the Argentina game in Spanish. We did watch the Portugal/Holland game in Portugese until it became so crazy that we wanted to know what was going on and we switched back to TSN/Sportsnet. I’m so used to watching these stations since they were the ones who picked up the games and they definitely have the more passionate announcers. But the British guys are great for a laugh when they butcher the names of the players or come up with great things like “Kingson was interventing for Ghana” or “they had the greater majority of possession” (as opposed to the lesser majority I assume). Their commentary is still fun.

My mother finally gets the fact that I’m a footie nut. I guess she never really noticed my prowling around the TV at crazy hours, watching games in foreign languages but now she can’t escape. We watch games live, replayed, taped, analyzed and replayed some more. We’re making her nuts. But it’s only a month! And the month is almost up. I’m dreading the last game because it will be another 4, long years before I can revel in football like this. Ahh well, no point in looking ahead to all that.

So onward we go. Watched the Brazil game a couple times yesterday just because it’s Brazil. I really wish Ghana didn’t have to come up against them because I would have loved to see Ghana go through to the quarters. What a fantastic team. If only they had connected a goal for themselves. Agh, the frustration! But Brazil is Brazil. When you see them give the ball those feather-light touches or running with it so smoothly, passing without even having to look at the other guy … Oh, when they play it doesn’t look like defense, offense or strategy – it looks like love. I find myself smiling all the way through their games because I just love watching them play. I hope they redeem themselves against Les Bleus on Saturday for 1998 (that was a truly terrible Brazil game).

And that Zizou. Between him and Ronaldo, it was a triumphant day. I gave Spain the slight edge over France but they pulled through and did a good job to win the day.

And so today I find myself not rushing out the pub to watch the game over my lunch. Not, heh, extending my lunch to catch the beginning or end of a game. I’m just here … sitting …

But I did finally find the site for my fave “Jose +10” commercials by Adidas. This is an ad campaign gone right! It’s brilliant and magical. I love how it’s done completely in the mind of Jose but you don’t register that until the end. It just brings to life the hopes and dreams and the joy a little bit of football can and does bring to boys and girls in most of the world. It’s so simple and quite wonderful. I can’t imagine how those boys felt meeting such football greats as Beckham, Zidane, Defoe, Riquelme … The magic is very real. Check out the ads for yourself here (click “Watch movie”) or at the Adidas site – and enjoy. 🙂 (You may have to wait a bit for the page to download.)

I also found a blog that rates ads. Might be interesting to any marketing nuts junkies there.


No. 26 West of the Moon Lane

Can you be addicted to your children?

I was just wondering this because when the lad is not around, I feel lost – almost. If I’m away for a couple of days I miss his laughter and the way he still looks like a baby when he sleeps. I miss his constant talking and his flashes of incredible insight. I miss the person he is and I can’t help but fill up my minutes thinking of the person he will be. Sometimes, when I’m up at night, I have moments when I miss him already even though he hasn’t grown away yet. And heaven help me, when I’m away, I even miss his howling at bathtime. That’s an addiction, right?


the end is not end and the middle never was
and to think that we thought we knew
language doesn’t tell you what happens in the heart
thoughts fall short of the ears
the way before is grey and the waters dully pound
but in the surf I have seen the light
sea spray like stars glistens on my boots
and I cannot tell you the meaning
a child has been torn from the embrace of the void
thrown into the chaos of being
wind all around mocks with whispering lies
the losses continue to be counted
no middle of the mind, no meeting of ways
when we touch we cannot feel
why does the love only live in your eyes
why is my heart whole alone
no reason to spinning on the axis of the world
no story to thread through events
just my life and yours that will never be one
images lost in my dreams
coffee in the morning smells like burning hope
sun glimmers over the dew
clear silver bells on the edge of the breeze
my smile has both longing and joy

Sweet, sweet T&T

Well, this is the end of the World Cup road for the Warriors. It’s been a great run and I have never, ever been so hyped up for a sporting event. Never. Ever. The World Cup is just a different animal in sports. It’s bigger than everything else. No matter what you love, this is bigger. And I finally know – I know – what it feels like to have your own team there. Your boys, your bredren, your brothers in football. Oh, I wouldn’t exchange that feeling for anything in the world. I have loved watching the Warriors amazing run up to the 2006 WC and I have cherished every game they played.

I think they did us proud as a nation, as a people. They played excellent football and showed the big boys that they are right up there with them. The most joyful sound to my ears would have been “GOOOOAAAALLL for Trinidad & Tobago!!” but it was not to be. So instead, I’ll settle for the announcers’ refusals to count them out. That was a signal that “We reach!” – we were there, right up there with England and Sweden in terms of respect. We came, we played, we conquered. And now we go home.

It’s alright. The boys can hold their heads up and Beenie can give us that gruff smile of his. We’re leaving but without any shame at all. Warriors to the end.

And this, this is what it is to be a Trini. To step on a world stage and show what you’re made of. To find that you are an equal to titans, to try your best, from your heart so that even if you fall short of your goal, you have earned respect. I hope we remember this, savour it and live it. Respect, my people. Peace and love now and for always.



Melly left today. Waaah! Melly, I miss you already girlie!

It was so, so cool to have a friend that you actually meet after a year (or years, Martin!) of being friends. I can’t begin to talk about how great Melly is in person. We know how great she is online – and she’s just like that! But, in person – like, right there in front of you!

Okay, time for confessions. Confession the First: Melly babe, you’re lucky I didn’t keep poking you. I wanted to poke you or myself every now and then. I kept thinking “Dude, is she really here? With us? Here? Poke her.”

Confession the Second: I was going to cry when I said bye to you on the train, but I hate crying and I hate goodbyes. So, if I was a bit weird there, now you know why. LOL. I was so happy that you were going back home to your family but I was so sad that our days were already … like … over! Why is time like that? Turtles hurtle by the minutes when I’m at work, but when I’m having fun with you guys, I turn around and a whole day is already over.

I’ll talk more about what we did later, but for now, Melly-girl, I miss you! And I don’t care if Brandon is boring – I’ll just have to check out the towns with the concrete animals. We’re going to have to see how we can make it out to you – soon.

After all we’ve been through, meeting you was like finally closing a circle. I’m so glad you came out here. I remember in those bleak, black days telling you I’m never going to let go. I mean it. Much love to you.

Oh god boy, we lose!

That pretty much says it right there.  A solid and wonderful effort that kept England at bay for 82 minutes but Crouch got one in over Hislop’s head (naturally) and then Stevie G. got one in (why, Steve why?). And it was over. At that point the Warriors had nothing left to give – too little with not enough time. But Beenie, where was Latapy? He’s one of my faves and besides sharing part of his name with me, he’s so talented. I just feel that he would have created something …

Ah well. The pub where I watched the game had some Trini fans but mostly they were for the Lions. Many of them passed by after and made a point to shake hands and say it was a very good game and they had a lot of respect for the Warriors. That was really decent. In the past, I’ve been in pubs where the England fans were quite obnoxious but there was none of that today. In fact the only obnoxious guy was some dude cheering for the Trinis. And get this, he wasn’t even a Trini – he was with a Trini girl. Man, that guy was an idiot. I wanted to ask him not to be a Warrior fan. He seemed to be totally ignorant about football in addition to being a general tool. Thankfully there was enough action that I was able to ignore him.

Well, what can I say? Had the Warriors pulled this off, they could have gone straight home. I wouldn’t even care what happened next. But well, what can you do? England is England after all. And they totally outplayed us in the second half (*groan* Latapy we needed you). Then, like a death knell, Rooney came in. So, good on those chaps.

Maybe we can get some offense going for the game against Paraguay. There is still a chance to advance if Sweden loses to England …

Loving the Warriors and this journey with them, win or lose! WARRIORS!! Respect.