Oh god boy, we DRAW!!

What else can you say but “Well, yes!!” We draw, boy! Here we are, the smallest nation in the World Cup and we held off Sweden. Held them off, breds! Hislop was fantastic in goal. What a remarkable talent he is – told a few minutes beforehand that he would be in (Jack was injured in warm-ups) and he stepped up magnificently. He is real hero material, that man.

I loved watching this game! Woo, boy! To see them run around Larsson and Ibrahimovich, mixing them up and befuddling their Swedish sensibility with their ‘unorthodox’ defence. The announcer was getting a kick out of it and so were we! Strike after strike, in the air, deflected, off the bar, off of Hislop. It was beautiful (and agonizing for the Swedes). The sports guys in the pre-game show were talking about it being 3-nil by halftime. Well, hah(!) to them. Hmmpf. 3-nil my tanti’s goat. Time to party!

Next up is England. I’m not sure what will happen here. England played a pretty boring game against Paraguay and only won because of the own goal, so we’ll see … Should be an interesting game at the very least. I’m too superstitious when it comes to sports and writing, so I won’t go into predictions or wishes. I’ll just wait and see. And pray. A lot. 

Ah yes, this is a good day.



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