Oh god boy, we lose!

That pretty much says it right there.  A solid and wonderful effort that kept England at bay for 82 minutes but Crouch got one in over Hislop’s head (naturally) and then Stevie G. got one in (why, Steve why?). And it was over. At that point the Warriors had nothing left to give – too little with not enough time. But Beenie, where was Latapy? He’s one of my faves and besides sharing part of his name with me, he’s so talented. I just feel that he would have created something …

Ah well. The pub where I watched the game had some Trini fans but mostly they were for the Lions. Many of them passed by after and made a point to shake hands and say it was a very good game and they had a lot of respect for the Warriors. That was really decent. In the past, I’ve been in pubs where the England fans were quite obnoxious but there was none of that today. In fact the only obnoxious guy was some dude cheering for the Trinis. And get this, he wasn’t even a Trini – he was with a Trini girl. Man, that guy was an idiot. I wanted to ask him not to be a Warrior fan. He seemed to be totally ignorant about football in addition to being a general tool. Thankfully there was enough action that I was able to ignore him.

Well, what can I say? Had the Warriors pulled this off, they could have gone straight home. I wouldn’t even care what happened next. But well, what can you do? England is England after all. And they totally outplayed us in the second half (*groan* Latapy we needed you). Then, like a death knell, Rooney came in. So, good on those chaps.

Maybe we can get some offense going for the game against Paraguay. There is still a chance to advance if Sweden loses to England …

Loving the Warriors and this journey with them, win or lose! WARRIORS!! Respect.


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