Melly left today. Waaah! Melly, I miss you already girlie!

It was so, so cool to have a friend that you actually meet after a year (or years, Martin!) of being friends. I can’t begin to talk about how great Melly is in person. We know how great she is online – and she’s just like that! But, in person – like, right there in front of you!

Okay, time for confessions. Confession the First: Melly babe, you’re lucky I didn’t keep poking you. I wanted to poke you or myself every now and then. I kept thinking “Dude, is she really here? With us? Here? Poke her.”

Confession the Second: I was going to cry when I said bye to you on the train, but I hate crying and I hate goodbyes. So, if I was a bit weird there, now you know why. LOL. I was so happy that you were going back home to your family but I was so sad that our days were already … like … over! Why is time like that? Turtles hurtle by the minutes when I’m at work, but when I’m having fun with you guys, I turn around and a whole day is already over.

I’ll talk more about what we did later, but for now, Melly-girl, I miss you! And I don’t care if Brandon is boring – I’ll just have to check out the towns with the concrete animals. We’re going to have to see how we can make it out to you – soon.

After all we’ve been through, meeting you was like finally closing a circle. I’m so glad you came out here. I remember in those bleak, black days telling you I’m never going to let go. I mean it. Much love to you.


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