the end is not end and the middle never was
and to think that we thought we knew
language doesn’t tell you what happens in the heart
thoughts fall short of the ears
the way before is grey and the waters dully pound
but in the surf I have seen the light
sea spray like stars glistens on my boots
and I cannot tell you the meaning
a child has been torn from the embrace of the void
thrown into the chaos of being
wind all around mocks with whispering lies
the losses continue to be counted
no middle of the mind, no meeting of ways
when we touch we cannot feel
why does the love only live in your eyes
why is my heart whole alone
no reason to spinning on the axis of the world
no story to thread through events
just my life and yours that will never be one
images lost in my dreams
coffee in the morning smells like burning hope
sun glimmers over the dew
clear silver bells on the edge of the breeze
my smile has both longing and joy


0 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. trinchild says:

    Wow, this makes me feel so … whole and yet so empty. I like it sister.

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