No. 26 West of the Moon Lane

Can you be addicted to your children?

I was just wondering this because when the lad is not around, I feel lost – almost. If I’m away for a couple of days I miss his laughter and the way he still looks like a baby when he sleeps. I miss his constant talking and his flashes of incredible insight. I miss the person he is and I can’t help but fill up my minutes thinking of the person he will be. Sometimes, when I’m up at night, I have moments when I miss him already even though he hasn’t grown away yet. And heaven help me, when I’m away, I even miss his howling at bathtime. That’s an addiction, right?


7 thoughts on “No. 26 West of the Moon Lane

  1. Random Dave says:

    This has too much explanation to be random. You ended up thinking about it, thus taking away the randomness. Now, when you called me today to say that you couldn’t stop hearing “More than a woman” in your head – and then you hung up. That was random. And frightening.

  2. Random Dave says:

    Oh yes, forgot to add. You miss the Howling Man? I think that qualifies as an addiction.

  3. ~lara says:

    Just for the record, you’re an idiot RD. What’s frightening about the BeeGees? (A rhetorical question. Please don’t answer it, dude.)

  4. trinchild says:

    Child, what are you doing up at this hour? I’M the only one allowed to be up so late. And how did Dave find out about this place? Hmmpf, now you’ll never be safe. Well I think you can definitely be addicted to your children. I’m addicted to mine but mine won’t go away. At 19 and 23 shouldn’t they leave me alone now? I still want to see them everyday but just … not in my house.

    You were really hearing the Beegees all day?

  5. Random Dave says:

    She sings BeeGees songs all day long and I’m the idiot?

    TC what are you doing up at 2.53 am? Are you insane, woman? And L, I need more randomness from this blog. Or maybe you’re trying to force me to read your poetry …

  6. ~lara says:

    Davey it wouldn’t kill you to read some poetry. I’m going to put up some of the older lyrical stuff that you like so much. Just don’t rap it to me. At all. I mean it. (And you’re still the idiot.)

  7. Random Dave says:

    Ah, sweetling, I will read your scribbling. You know I always enjoy it.

    And just to fire you up … ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!

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