Today was a really interesting one in the World Cup. Germany and Argentina played a very tough, very tense game as expected. Seemed to me that Argentina had the dominance on the pitch although they were unable to pull off a winning goal.

I guess people feel all kinds of ways about the penalty kicks. I don’t like them. I don’t like the shoot-outs in hockey either. Why not just play for the Golden Goal? Isn’t that more satisfying than this kicking? Especially when the keeper is really just standing there in the net; he doesn’t even get to come out and play the ball. The win or loss just never feels satisfying with these things. I’m not entirely sure what skill is being showcased by them. It’s about as decisive as tossing a coin. I’d much rather see two sides playing for the win.

Ah well, that’s my business I guess.

So my heart breaks for this Argentinian team. Some unfair yellows, bad luck in the penalties, some strange choices from Pekerman, and they go home. The Germans go through to the semis and although they didn’t look to be the better team today, they’ve played excellent football so far. Really looking forward to that game against the Azzuri.

Hope I won’t be here writing this story about Brasil later today.

Happy Canada Day, eh to all my Canadian pals. And to all the folks heading over to The Gathering – have yourselves a blast!! xo


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