World Cup goodness

Ok, so I thought I wouldn’t write about it again with Brazil going down to France (again! sacré bleu!), but can’t help myself. France did play a muuuch better game than Brazil. Sadly. 😦 Well, they’re gone and Argentina are gone and the spicy play is out of it but that certainly doesn’t mean that there isn’t any good play left. Italy was spectacular against what was a very tight German side. Poor Klinsmann – he was going nuts on the side during that one. So Italy and France play for the Cup.

I’m actually enjoying all the upsets (admittedly once I stopped weeping into my Brazil scarf). To end up with two teams in the final that weren’t all that convincing early on … Makes the game beautiful. And great news here in T.O. about a new club, Toronto FC and stadium! Looking forward to it and hoping this brings folks out to watch some footie here in the city!

Italy/France should be a good game. Both teams are looking good. I have no particular vested interest in who wins, so it’s all for fun now. Onwards and upwards!


3 thoughts on “World Cup goodness

  1. Random Dave says:

    Allez les Bleus!! Vive le France!!

    Allez! Allez! Allez!

    You know Zizou and the boys will put it away tomorrow. As for Brazil … OUPS! Heh. Heh. Heh.

  2. ~lara says:

    Ooh la la, mon cher. OUPS! Zidane lost control of his head again…


    (Aren’t you back from hols yet, you wicked thing?)

  3. Random Dave says:

    Checking in from Barcelona! (Hah, you must be SO jealous!) So France couldn’t pull it off. Ok. So what, eh? Eh? Where is your other post …

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