You are boasting to me, but have you ever loved a woman past her eyes?
Touched the burning brightness of Within?
Have you seduced beyond her flesh to the gem of her being?
Have you let her show you the worlds she soars through?
Have you held her joy on your tongue?
Caressed her infinite beauty?
Have you looked past the softness of her skin and basked in the brilliance of her intelligence?
Even when she cannot contain her pleasure in raw droplets of sound,
have you recognized her rhythmic wisdom?
When you have sipped the soma of her eternal bliss and been wrapped within her comfort
When you have traded her passion for her simplicity
When you have seen the thousand women she has been, streaming through her eyes
Then you may speak
Every woman is a song in the god’s own music
Can you hear the notes of harmony in her voice, the spiralling dissonance?
Did you spurn her thinking her too old, too fat, too thin, too much trouble,
And miss the unwinding thread of her soft longing?
How can you call yourself a lover and not have seen a woman’s light
showing up your fears, naked and limp
accepting you into her anyway?
Not seen the homeward flight of your soul,
Her eyes, touching you, setting fire under your skin?
The heart of a woman with secrets that do not unfold,
But wrap around you dark and safe and true
Have you walked there? Have you seen that night where no light need shine?
Can she take you away, splinter your mind, make you mad, make you a fool?
She is the dark maw of universal unbeing
Stripping sinew and muscle within her soft body
A delicious shell, gentle covering over strength of passion to unseat your senses
The invitation to voracious Kali and time beyond time
To being free

How can you speak of prowess, daughter of the world when you have not seen a man
for the joy he bears in the grace of his walk?
Do you admire his body hungrily and ignore his mystery?
You gaze enraptured at his face but go blind to the stark beauty of his pride?
Have you loved a man all night until his tears fell, drops of heartbreak, into your hair,
Until his hands became angels of mercy and soft gratitude
And he opened to you like a most gentle flower?
Did you strip down past your body to bathe in his knowing of what you are?
Have you seen his lips bruised with the kisses of lovers past
And drank their wine believing it to be all the sweeter?
Have you tasted his intellect as it flowed past your tongue through the lips of eternity?
Have you held his tenderness with your swaying hips until he whispered your name to the night?
Did he gaze at you with unrecognizing eyes while you took him beyond awareness?
He is more than you know, a creature of fire and myth
A dancer of the world dance on your heart, intricate steps leading over the abyss
Have you the courage to go?
To move over him, a flaying palm in a hurricane,
carry him to the wild, manic swirling edges of passion?
drop to the centre of peace, tangled within him,
diamonds wafting down in the stillness of the ocean?
So easy to be ensnared – greedy longings driving you like a beast
But, have you made a gift of your need, an offering to him,
sacrifice to the gods, mingled your atman and his with no questions?
In his eyes is Siva – destroyer, dancer, lover – he will consume you
Burn your heart and shiver your being, rend you with his newborn stillness
He will make you free


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