Oy Zidane

Wow. What a final game. The Italians looked strong in the first half but seemed to be getting served by the French in the second. Early goals and a good pace made for an entertaining match, worthy of a cup final. But Zizou, oy! What was he thinking?!

I don’t care what Materazzi said to him. He’s the captain of the French national team, in the World Cup final, at a crucial time – and it’s the last game of his career. He should have kept himself together and just walked away. How does he know they weren’t trying to rile him on purpose because he’s known to be unpredictable when he’s angry.

That was pretty shocking to see.

But the Italians took it in penalties and all glory to them. Forza Azzuri!!

I have to admit to not really caring about the final. I was watching just hoping for a good match but without Argentina and Brazil … I’m not too fussed. I’m still not sure about the Germany/Argentina match. With the history of match fixing, I wouldn’t be surprised if that one wasn’t rigged to let the hosts get through. I hate the thought of it because it takes away from the German team. But so many stupid yellows to the Argentinians? I dunno. I guess it could just be another case of strange reffing.

So, the great tournament is over. The big impression I have is too many cards. Cards for this and cards for that. Enough cards for a yellow hat. Hell, I could write a Dr. Seuss book about it (I got it started there). The best games were the ones where the refs allowed play to flow, but some matches were as stop-and-start and bloody NFL games.

I’ll need to reflect more on what my favourite moments, games, players were. But I found this WC to be entertaining and fun. I guess primarily due to the Warriors appearance. If only they’d gotten a goal in. *groan* And it’s always fun to watch something through your child’s eyes. His excitement was so much fun.

But now it’s over and I’m just left wondering about Zizou’s huge head.


2 thoughts on “Oy Zidane

  1. Random Dave says:

    The Warriors were great. I really enjoyed watching them. And I enjoyed making you squirm when France started to pick it up. Qu’est-ce que c’est, ma chere? Es-tu mal?

    … Or whatever.

    What a way for Zidane to end his career in football. ‘Course you know by now that they both received fines and suspensions but it’s still disappointing that he lost control like that. Glad the little man enjoyed it so much. Of course, he didn’t have much choice in the matter, eh brainwasher? Two things the boy is guaranteed to know everything about: Tolkien and football. Hmm, who else do I know like this?

    BTW, Spain is gorgeous. You will love it here. I could see you living here.

  2. ~lara says:

    Impertinence. I’m not a brainwasher, just something of a brain — rinser.

    Oh man, I hope you have pictures. Although if I know you, your camera is at home, n’est-ce pas? Imbecile. But you do keep the loveliest travel diaries so I’ll look forward to reading that. Even the taped-up parts. 😉

    BTW, we watched Pink Panther this weekend and I thought of you. I know you will love me for that. *blows Davey a kiss*

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