Forever love

Across the seas of time we’ve come to meet again once more,
And travelled every stormy sea and every lonely shore.
In all this life I’d never heard the singing in a stream
Nor felt that I could separate reality from dream.

Yet here I stand behind no walls to hide from you myself.
Can you accept these cracks and flaws and offer me your help?
This I know without a doubt – is what you are made of
Because we’ve been through eternity. You are my forever love.

We’ve walked on diamond sand and watched the emerald sea aglow.
We danced inside the sapphire waves; we’ve danced more than we know.
But all the while I knew that you had come across that sea
And nothing is between us, for you are part of me.

In the night within the silence are the echoes of your voice.
You are the last thing in my mind, and first without a choice.
An old cliché and yet you seem a blessing from above;
Where we met and first held hands in this forever love.

To write all this so you could see was frightening to do.
I had not the courage until I remembered that you already knew
Every note and rhythm in my complex melody;
You strengthened and enhanced ’til they became a symphony.

The majesty of a tranquil soul, above all else we’ve found
Grows greater for its beauty shines out when it is drowned
In realization, free as the snow white dove
That you and I were meant to hold a pure forever love.

How many things can I say about what I now know?
How many words about this pain, sharp as the crested snow?
Forever goes my love for you; it stretches unforeseen.
Your courage, wisdom, confidence arights me when I lean.

I shall miss you each day of my life and what distance holds apart
Will not be forgotten, for you have kept with you my heart.
Your life must be made right; this is all I’m thinking of,
For God blessed me within your arms with your forever love.

To the one who knows who he is, this is true today as it was when we met 14 years ago. You are still my best friend and my champion. And still you inspire me.
(May 10, 1993)


3 thoughts on “Forever love

  1. merrill says:

    “To write all this so you could see was frightening to do.”
    “I had not the courage until I remembered that you already knew”

    i love this!
    i have known that fear, the fear of *showing* in words. sharing. & know again now as i put some of my own *old words* online. who to tell. will they understand the legacy of old sentiment.

    so to see that recognised by someone else (~lara, of course you understand!), both *inside* your own lines and i am sure in your heart as you hold these verses up to the light afresh … is wonderful.

    keep them coming 🙂

  2. ~lara says:

    Yes, writing this was one of the scariest things I ever did and letting him see is much, much scarier. I guess it’s the spectre of rejection, the awkward pause and “…oh” reaction I really dread. But in my heart I know it won’t happen. And really, I think poets take risks like gamblers. We write because we have to, we NEED to write out how we feel. Even when we’re afraid. Sharing takes us that next step, doesn’t it? It is scary but liberating too …

  3. merrill says:

    dangerous things,
    and it isn’t only US – the writers of the words – that need to be afraid.

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