november night

who visited last night?
the spectre of another time
chained to the shackles
of memory
before new souls penetrated
a mythic reality
to touch the
essence of what
I am.

One brought joy unparalleled of the heart
the other fulfilment of being
yet now, both are gone
leaving in shreds the
old notions of destiny

In the wake of destruction I
have found
that there is deceit in happiness
which is short lived and
ecstasy clouds the rational

However in sorrow
there is a piercing clarity,
unknown depths of wisdom.

I thought I would be drowned in
a wave of tears that
rolled across that sunny landscape
of my dreams,
when I lost the wondrous love offered
to me, of
which I was unworthy and unwilling
to reciprocate

Foundering in the wreckage
I clung to a bit of broken
discovering the buoyancy of my soul
would yet bear
me to the further

(November 1, 1993)


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