The Road continues ever on

The Road has wound past many gates
And many pathways unexplored
I’ve passed by many different fates
And pondered mysterious, shadowed doors

Yet my feet have always known the way
No matter what distractions lie
Fate always let me have a say
And I chose to gladly pass them by

The Road has widened with the years
The journey has not been alone
For all the laughter, all the tears
I feel the close approach of Home

Yet it goes ever, ever on
Though my feet shall walk no more
New footsteps born with every dawn
New paths to ever-distant shores 

My Road now leads to silver rain
Golden sun, far country green
The Straight Road takes me far from pain
The gentle bliss of the West is seen

I have reached the end at last
Beyond all hope, beyond all fear
And when I see your shining mast
I’ll know the Road has brought you here

Dedicated to the memory of Professor Daniel Timmons and other friends whom the Valar now hold in their arms.
July 26, 2006


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