Who knew?
Whispered desires from mind to mind
Fire and heat
Between our eyes
Secrets in the palms of our hands
 And love.
There is always that.
He took me close and I felt him shiver
The realness of him, my heart racing
He traced the outline of my lips and began it
We dissolved into molten rock, pulsing, fiery
Twisted and slow – tortured
To the finest airs
Lighter than purity
On clouds of effulgence
He reached in
And made me speed up
The heights of that passion
Driving me
Tormenting me
Holding something just beyond my reach
His eyes bored into mine
Down to the infinite depths
 And held me on the pinnacle of forever
My heart was opened
To the glittering countenance
of all that Is

I am that I am.
Know me.

Voice. Sound.
Splintering shards of crystal in harmony

Piercing with a joy sharper
Than all the wrought pain
I had brought in my hand
He moved
And at last loosed the
Arrow that exploded with heat and life
Weapon to undo me – and make me new
I opened my eyes
His own
Soft, liquid
A butterfly kiss on a trembling soul
He held me gently, hurtfully
Sobbing on my shoulder
But pain too my love is part of this
My arms, a patient bay
His wounded spirit took shelter
Veil of his pride torn
He drifted into me
To give and to receive
To be unbound. To be wounded.
To love.  

(May 29, 2003)


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