in that mythic corner of my mind
I’ve sculpted your face out of air and hope
coloured your eyes with the first light of evening
and left your voice that silken rope

where did you go when you walked away?
when can I show you my work of art?
you left me with that parting smile of tomorrow
that whispered secrets to my heart

the sun has touched your soul with light
the bonds that hold us are finer than air
our spirits dance in the fields of the stars
your tears of blessing sink into my hair

pale moon rises above waters on the rim
a lonely ship passes from my view
the mariner wears a white star on his brow
all times run together when I walk with you

waves lap the walls of night sighing endlessly
forgotten creatures watch with sorrow in their eyes
the unicorn and the dragon await in hope
the winged horse glides us to enfolding skies

you turn to me and brush my weeping heart
with the laughter that I have come to know so well
‘it is meant to be’, you whisper softly fading
one last touch, on which my memory will dwell

so I weave a dream with finest grace
that your steps will remember their way back to me
and sew in tiny drops of love and hope
believing that it is indeed meant to be

(January 21, 2004)


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