Well, I’ve certainly dumped a lot of stuff here over the last couple of days! It’s such a weird thing to take out all this writing and look it over to see what is fit to be seen, what has holes and raggedy, fraying bits around the edges, and what is compeletely moth-eaten and useless. It’s an interesting way to run through my life, out of sequence to be sure, but interesting (maybe more so because it’s all out of sequence, and you know I’m random like that).

I have Martin to thank for posting all of this (hope you enjoy all the new goodies). Kinda feel like I owe you, love since you’ve brought forth so much of your own stuff. There will be more, my pretties. I have books and books full of poetry and in time, I’ll have some of the little stories I’ve done.

I often wonder why I don’t journal. I just can’t seem to do it. It’s such a chore for me to sit down every day or other day and write about … stuff. But I love to write, so why can’t I do it? I have no good answer for that but what I found going through my writing is that this is how I journal. And maybe I’m no good at the other stuff because I don’t like capturing the details of what I think. When I read through my poetry, I don’t necessarily remember exactly what I was doing or wearing or where I was sitting, standing or lying when I wrote but I remember where I was.

That current of feeling is still there. That moment in my heart echoes within me. I can trace all of my feelings about all kinds of things through my writing. In some pieces I can hear how old I was but in others I don’t hear that at all.

… I’m not sure I have a direction here. Just interesting thoughts as I was putting together my stuff. And I’m so very grateful to you guys for coming here, reading a bit and letting me know what you think. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. merrill says:

    >I have books and books full of poetry
    you are so prolific! i have just the two slim volumes or poems which i am gradually typing up for my blog ….

    interesting what you say about not keeping a journal – mine has been kept on a daily basis since i was about 14 ….. only a VERY few missing days in there. very useful as i try and compose my timeline! what i find interesting is that although i have this continuous thread of diary entries through my life the nature and detail of the entries has changed a lot over that time. these days there’s little of any great import mostly just where i’ve been, what pam and the kids were up to. ~lara, you get a mention or two now and again 🙂

    but in times past i could and did fill PAGES (and we’re talking A4 pages here!) describing and discussing a meeting or even a single conversation … just stream of consciousness stuff … no great insights of course but maybe, over time, the accretion of some minor ones.


    also interesting what you say about dumping stuff here out of sequence. my poetry books have everything in more or less chronological order, yet here things are listed alphabetically …. that bugged me at first but now i think it gives a new perspective on things (or removes the certain, time based perspective i had previously imposed). almost like shuffling cards, or casting stones, or something …


  2. ~lara says:

    LOL. Even in my books, I don’t write in sequence. I start somewhere, flip to the middle and write there, come back a few weeks later and write at the beginning. I’ve always been like that – it was very hard to keep organized school books but I guess the school forces you to do it. (I always resented that.)

    The only organized piece of writing I have is the Ariel story and now there are so many versions of it, I have to read through to find out which is the one I want to continue. And … just guess what’s happened … Yep, there are different bits in different versions that I want to carry through. Hehe, if I dropped dead right now *waits* – I think anyone trying to go through my writing would just burn it all because it would make them mental.

    Your timeline is going to be so cool, Martin. 🙂

  3. merrill says:

    i hear chris tolkien is looking for a new challenge …

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