Lullabye, you found my heart
It’s tender strings you opened up
Lullabye where did you go?
Why can’t I follow you to there?

If we stand on ancient wings
and soar through Heaven
do you think
God would open up the skies
And wipe the tears
from bitter eyes?

If we could hear the lullabye
that you sang before you died
Of the glory and the pain
The broken man out in the rain

Lullabye I call to you
Hold out your notes
and bring me through
Lullabye erase my thoughts
and place instead
your melody

Angel maybe – Spirit Guide
I looked for you but you’re inside
And deep there in a part of me
my frailties for you to see
You opened up a lullabye
And gave me life through
an angel’s eyes

Lullabye I pray for you
Thank you, thank you
for all you do

Dedicated to the memory of one
who was well loved and lost too soon.
M, we will always be us,
in and out of time, dimension and reality.
October 14, 1999


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