Quantum realities

Is it possible to have other realities existing in this moment of “now?” Other realities with you at their centre? What happens if those moments begin to touch? What happens if you hear their echoes – echoes of different you(s)?


10 thoughts on “Quantum realities

  1. merrill says:

    Some serious synchronicity going on here! Just musing this morning about the interplay between NOW/”reality” and otherNOWs — very rough but here it is so far:

    Idea of our lives as STORY.
    Me and Pam, our meeting, our gettingtogether, always seemed too good a STORY not to want to “read” it …
    Idea of (re)reading our own past as STORY.
    Most obviously in the form of a diary (eg my own since age 14)
    Can reach a stage where you are almost “back inside” the past – not just “I remember that …” but BEING THERE, the smell the taste of it (to me whole phases of my life have particular sensory distinctions)
    This is akin to how it can be when you are CREATING (eg writing fiction). It is/was like that for me with the Gothrim: Stitch, Halt, Malcolm, Devon (ah, Devon!)
    The overlap, then, between NOW/”reality” and PAST/”imagination”
    Similar also to something I have experienced rarely but strongly: the “almost thereness” of an ALTERNATIVE PRESENT.
    Where this happens is the CREATIVE SPACE
    So what is the role of the PRESENT/NOW in all this? Something to be escaped from? No – it is a necessary framework. There seems to need to be some strong degree of EQUIVALENCE/CONTINUITY between NOW and the “Other”.
    This may be a temporal continuity (eg between my NOW and my PAST) or a physical/geographic equivalence (eg between the “real” Tynemouth Priory and the fictional one in my Gothrim tales.
    Important: note that NOW is really myNOW — “my apprehension of NOW” — the result of a creative interplay between me and the world

  2. ~lara says:

    Yes, yes, we’re onto something here. I had a loverly response written out – took me half an hour to do it – and when I submitted the comment, the whole thing disappeared!! 😦 So, I’ll try to re-form what I was trying to say and come back again later today, my dear.

  3. merrill says:

    yes please, pretty please 🙂

  4. ~lara says:

    Yah, so three days later … LOL

    “This may be a temporal continuity (eg between my NOW and my PAST) or a physical/geographic equivalence (eg between the “real” Tynemouth Priory and the fictional one in my Gothrim tales.”

    But what if that other Tynemouth was not fictional? What if you were able to hear echoes from a Tynemouth in a different reality. One where different decisions have been made creating a different place. It’s kind of similar to what Pullman explores in the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. Except … What if you can hear those echoes in your NOW life?

    I’ve been trying to find my book that discusses a quantum theory of time where time is not linear as we think it is. We are merely conditioned to perceive time in a linear fashion. But if we can bring ourselves to exist in a quantum state – or a state of all possibilities – then we can choose where we want to be in time. We can choose the past or present or future.

    So you can choose which point of your own STORY you want to experience and do that.

    There’s a theory about how reality is not linear (experienced in linear time) but is like a web full of decisions. What we experience are the decisions we have made. The decisions we haven’t made are still there – – – and perhaps there is another reality where we experience those decisions, something co-existing with our perceived NOW.

    What if ART is channel that opens a quantum door and allows many realities to co-exist at once? In one place?

    Oh, my brains hurt.

  5. merrill says:

    >Oh, my brains hurt.
    Brains, Precious???? Plurals, Precious??????

    what i mentioned, about having at certain points in my past (whatever that is!) being acutely aware of being at the almost-overlap between this/now and an alternative reality …… the most acute, that i can recall strongly even as i sit here and write, was when i lived in london – maybe it was around 1986 (check the timeline!!!) and there was this girl (isnt there always “a girl”??) we were friends, kinda close but that was all. but SOMETIMES, walking home past the end of the road where she lived, it was like i was walkingalso in an almost-parallel place in which we were much more than that to eachother. wishful thinking? i guess but i had and have thought wishfully many times before and since and only rarely has it felt like that.

    pullman. hmmm. you know i read northern lights and was less than captivated …

    nonlinear time … yes i have those kind of books too! when i am in JUST the right frame of mind i can see -EVERYTHING- as all part of one connected-thing. Me, he, she, it, that, us, them, trees, sky, now, then. All as a play of “energy” (everything is “energy”, right??!)

    there is a moral dimension to all this. if i choose A then the world continues like this … if i choose B it goes like this ….. if C then …. each a different path (or a part of the web or whatever).

    so from an outside-looking-in perspective why should it matter which i do choose? if all outcomes kinda exist anyway? why is this one BETTER than another? what can BETTER mean in such a context?

    and if ART maybe grants us something of this perspective doesn’t it imply that ART is amoral?? that it fosters a view of EVERYTHING that mitigates against morality, against the moral distinction of one choice over another?

    is that why ARTISTS are so often seen as outside the moral mores? outside of society itself and its regulatory structures?


    A damsel with a dulcimer
    In a vision once I saw :
    It was an Abyssinian maid,
    And on her dulcimer she played,
    Singing of Mount Abora.
    Could I revive within me
    Her symphony and song,
    To such a deep delight ‘twould win me,

    That with music loud and long,
    I would build that dome in air,
    That sunny dome ! those caves of ice !
    And all who heard should see them there,
    And all should cry, Beware ! Beware !
    His flashing eyes, his floating hair !
    Weave a circle round him thrice,
    And close your eyes with holy dread,
    For he on honey-dew hath fed,
    And drunk the milk of Paradise.

    ~ s t coleridge, kubla khan

  6. merrill says:

    that poem, also some of ezra pound’s (the only library book i ever STOLE was a big book of pound’s, from the school library – like anyone else was ever going to read it?!!!) convinced me i was A POET. those guys they got a lot to answer for 🙂

    Aye! I am a poet and upon my tomb
    Shall maidens scatter rose leaves
    And men myrtles, ere the night
    Slays day with her dark sword

    Ezra Pound – And Thus In Nineveh

  7. ~lara says:

    “pullman. hmmm. you know i read northern lights and was less than captivated … ”

    But did you read the other two books? Some very interesting stuff in there.

    In the reality-as-a-web context I don’t think there is “better” – there is only “other.” I don’t really know when one decision is better than another. Aren’t you really just trading one set of consequences for another?

    I think artists are on the fringe of human existence. Many great artists are in the genius range and don’t care about “normal” things. Their minds are absorbed with their art. with their role as subcreator. I think art is completely AMORAL, there is no MORALITY inherent in it or tied to it. The morality will be as varied as those who receive the art – they will judge, they will stamp their moral conundrums onto it. But the artist … The artist has none. In her role as creator, she creates and leaves it. Doesn’t she?

    I love both of those poems. 🙂

  8. merrill says:

    agree. there is no (moral) difference between different possibilities – not from a point of view outside it all (which we don’t really have we are only acting here like we do). but what difference does it make to us, HERE, INSIDE the web, to act like we think it makes no difference ..?

    so if i hurt you or help you, it makes to difference? you and i can agree intellectually that it might be so but you better believe you are going to care which it is i choose to do today.

    stop these guys blowing up a bunch of planes over the atlantic : or don’t stop them. one path or the other. maybe both possibilites are out there somewhere – along with all the rest. sure feels like it makes a difference which one i am living through (of course there’s another “me” too — any number of them — maybe thinking just the same from the other perspective, living through the one where the planes go boom …. maybe in some of them someone i love was on board. maybe on some i’m on board. shit on some im the bomber …… infinite options, infinite paths, points on the web)








  9. merrill says:

    more thoughts on ART at the weekend, walking in town down by the quayside …. made some rough notes but (of course!) don’t have them here. what can i remember …?

    something about ART being what happens when we want/need something that doesn’t exist (in the “real world”) …..
    … but EVERYTHINGTHATCANEXIST must exist in the web of all possibilities … so ART then is a way of “pulling” something into THIS world from elsewhere …..

    perhaps it is in a way a MIRACLE – something happening / appearing that is not causally linked to anything else HERE …

    (series on tv at the moment here in the uk on Christ’s miracles, what they might have meant ….)

    there was rather more on the subject of ART i think but that is the snippet i can recall at the moment.

    more grist to the mill???

    much love

  10. ~lara says:

    “… but EVERYTHINGTHATCANEXIST must exist in the web of all possibilities … so ART then is a way of “pulling” something into THIS world from elsewhere …..

    perhaps it is in a way a MIRACLE – something happening / appearing that is not causally linked to anything else HERE …”

    Whoa, this is a big thought. One that I love. Creativity cannot satisfactorily be explained by psychologists and the like. Perhaps that is because it is a quantum activity/reality … ? How often do you actually feel like you own the words you write? I just wrote something tonight but it’s not mine. Where did it come from? I used the words to shape it and shine it but the heart of it is not mine.

    Oooh, I’d like to think more about this but I’d better get to sleep. 😉 This is some interesting grist, my friend.

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