He brings joy to his mother’s heart

My son is the King of Flatulence. He has identified no less than 10 kinds of farts:

  1. the Loud fart;
  2. the Soft, Squishy fart;
  3. the Musical fart;
  4. the Explosive fart;
  5. the Smooth fart;
  6. the Whistling fart;
  7. the Silent, Stinky fart;
  8. the Bubbly fart;
  9. the Fart that Doesn’t Sound like it comes from Your Bum; and tonight’s addition
  10. the Bum Juice Fart (trust me, you don’t want to know).

This research is a work in progress. The child is a connoisseur.


7 thoughts on “He brings joy to his mother’s heart

  1. Random Dave says:

    Ahahaha! THIS is why that boy is a genius. Not because he can read.

    Love it. 🙂

  2. ~lara says:

    LOLOL … This makes me laugh each time I read it! What a nut the child is … At least he studies the important stuff … LOL

  3. Jo-Anna says:

    LOL, anyone with children can so relate to this.
    Oh, to be a child again …

    Jo 🙂

  4. merrill says:

    WHY does eveyone think this is so CUTE?????

  5. ~lara says:

    Isn’t it? *is confused*

    I love it. I thought it was hilarious. That’s why I shared it. I dunno, we have lots of conversations about stupid things in my house – and we find them all really funny.

    *sigh* Guess I’ll think twice about what to share…

  6. merrill says:

    pam would think it was great …..
    maybe it’s just me

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