Black dakhini

Clothed in gold
 wrapped around the
 black of recognition
 She wields the power to
 destroy the worlds
 and enslave what minds
 are left

But instead
 what does she do?
 move with the intricate rhythms
 of time
 weaving a tapestry
 of action
 and reaction

Through her destruction
 does she cleanse
 does she heal
 does she surrender

Nothing without reason
 will she strip from the
 flesh from your back
 No blood shed that
 has not been called for
 by another
 all accounting done
 all things made equal

Listen to the tale
 told in her eyes
 and let your body
 feel the jarring sensuality
 of her being, not flesh
 not other
 follow as she leads
 for you will move past it
 She will take you beyond
 the boundaries of your
 scarred existence

Touch and destroy
 raise up, build, create
 all is her legacy
 is distraction from the
 centre and if you
 follow the way of
 the Dakini
 she will lead you from
 your madness to
 the empty peace of
 your core

(April 28, 2004)


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