White dakhini

White Dakhini
 calling to my soul
 with voice of
 crystal chimes
 sounding out the pride
 and iniquity of
 my ego

I want to follow
 in your cold footsteps
 to the heart of
 the mystery of my soul
 Let me unravel the
 cords of karma and
 lay them softly
 at your feet

Hold open my eyes
 to the dance of death
 that all feet pattern
 on the green face
 of the world
 Cover me with your
 cool snows that I
 will not heed the
 inferences of my
 errant passions

Shine before me
 like the stars of night
 imprinting destiny
 on to the stretched black
 canvas of my
 shrouded mortality

Allow me to follow
 in your transparent footsteps
 past bodies of
 living death
 Show me the spiral
 of your icy grasp
 that will fling me
 into the nothingness
 that is the truth
 of all hearts

May 10, 2004


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