Quotables from the mom

Upon watching a news segment about a forest fire:

“Fire is a dangerous thing. Especially when they come to your house.”

(Now, who is this “they” she speaks of? Maybe fire brings along some friends to your house. In any case, remember that the next time fire knocks on your door, do NOT open the door, kids. As you can see, fire is a dangerous thing. And it might have friends.)


3 thoughts on “Quotables from the mom

  1. Frodo-lass says:

    Yikes! I don’t know why I’ve been away from this wonderful place for so long *smacks self on forehead*

    Perhaps she speaks of the fire faeries.

  2. ~lara says:

    Nice to see you, my lass. *gives the lass a cool towel for that red forehead*

    I’ll ask her. Because the alternative, fire having friends, is scary.

  3. Gerda says:

    heeheehee I love that quote.

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