Psst, buddy, wanna buy a blog?

I found this link today that’s neat. I put it on the side of the blog down bit … a bit more … there, you found it! But you can’t really see my words anymore. Still, I know you see it.

I thought my blog was worth about the same as the 12th of Never but I was wrong. It’s actually worth about $500. “Cool,” says I. What does it mean though? Is there really $500 worth of junk here? And since it’s most meant for my writing, is there at least $200 worth in that? Wow, dude, that’s like, big. (Hehe, the value of this blog just plummeted and it’s now worth 23 cents.)

How does a blog even get a value? What’s it based on? Is this a market value? Can I bump it up? Does it matter?

I think I’ll wait until the price is just high enough and then I’ll unload this sucker and retire to the goo-oo-ood life. In other words, I’ll be writing on this here pup from beyond the grave. Well, at least it’s fun to look at.


One thought on “Psst, buddy, wanna buy a blog?

  1. Frodo-lass says:

    I tried to figure out what the cost was based on because someone’s blog I know came to ZERO. Another came to over a thousand.


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