Wandering Moon is on the air

Uh, I’m not too sure what that title means but never mind that. I decided to put up some pics of the jewellery I’ve been making recently for your info, comments, purchase. The new section is called Wandering Moon Productions. The pieces up today are things I made for an informal sale so a few of them are gone and if there are any left, I’ll post the price up.

I’m finding this really therapeutic and a lot of fun. I haven’t been doing too much writing but this is the same creative process and in a way they’re tied together. Every piece I do seems to come with a description or little story. I’ll post those up with the pieces soon. I think I’m beginning to actually understand what you need to do to be a good writer.

Sometimes you’re there with your beads, wires and “stuff” and you know there is a design in there somewhere. So, you do a bit and look at it, decide it’s rubbish, take it apart and start again. Sometimes you do away with what you thought was your main or focal bead(s) and you keep the little guys who have their own voice. Sometimes you take them out and let the main beads shine. Each time is a path though, and I never know where I’ll end up.

Master says: Making jewellery has much to teach you about writing, Grasshopper.

Oh, and Happy Hallowe’en everyone!!      



Dear Mr. F. Ing. Tool

So today I was on the TTC with Mr. F. Ing. Tool. You know him. The guy who simply HAS to get where he is going regardless of the hundreds of bodies in front of him. He usually has a backpack on, which just adds to his charm. He has inspired this open letter:

Dear Mr. F. Ing. Tool (hereafter known as Tool),

How are you, sir? How is your life going? And how quickly is it going? It must be going by very quickly indeed for you to have to shove 90 people out of your way to get out at a stop where we’re all getting off anyway.

I understand, Tool, really I do. Your job is super important and you must be super important there. I’m sure they don’t suck the soul out of you, along with exploiting your labour. I’m sure they value you as a human being and really appreciate the superlative effort you are making to get to their hallowed halls.

Or maybe you are rushing to a meeting. I understand that. Meetings. They can be important.

Not quite as important as the elderly lady you pushed onto another gentleman’s lap. Not quite as important as the chunk of my back that your backpack took with you. (By the way, if you have some time, could you drop that off for me? I might be able to get the doctors to sew it back in there.) And not quite as important as the little kids you shoved out of your way. You had a stellar morning, Tool. All you needed was a pregnant lady to knock down and you’d get a Tool award. Yes, an award named after you.

After I picked up the elderly lady and she kindly covered up the hole in my back, and after the father of the two kids wiped their tears away, we all shared a look, Tool. Do you know what look that is? It’s the “what an incredible ass that guy was” look.

Some of us shook our heads. Some of us hugged our kids. And some of us tried not to hear the whistling noise the wind made as it went through the hole in our back. But we shared the look. Thanks for giving us that communal moment, Tool. We owe it all to you.

The rest of the train.

Happy Divali

Happy Divali to everyone out there, no matter what belief system you adhere to. May you have lives blessed with light, love, peace and joy and may your footsteps move lightly over the earth.

Much love,


 Oh yeh. I’m crying. Well, my heart is anyway. My heart of pure green’n’gold is weeping. My Eskies, my beloved Edmonton Eskimos, pride of my eyes for almost my entire life are … are … <say it dammit!> … are … OUT of the playoffs! I know. I know. Fans of other CFL (that’s Canadian Football League for non-Canuck pals) teams tell me to go away. But the Eskies are a dynasty team. I’ve loved them since I watched my first football game in this country at 3 years old. 3 YEARS OLD, MAN. I wasn’t even reading Tolkien yet.

Now, T-Dot fans, don’t slam me (Random Dave that’s you pal!). You know I luurve the Argos. But the Eskies … that’s my TEAM. My boys. They’ve been in the playoffs for the last 35 years!

I’m sad. I need to wallow. I need to cry over the Eskies homepage. Maybe throw some Calgon (or whatever it is) in the tub so it can take me away. Then I’ll get out and fold up my Eskie blanket into a nice pillow so I can sleep on it and have Eskie-coloured dreams until next year.

Yeah, yeah. I hear you. “Get over it,” you say. Clearly your cold heart has never experienced a love as true as mine. A love that always comes through. The love of a lifetime.

All that’s left to say is AAAAARRRRGOO-O-O-O-O-O-O-SSSS!!! (Ooooh Montreal, are we coming for you boys!) **sadly removes the Eskie flag from its place of waving, beside its Argo brother**

Hehehe. Y’all know I’m only joking. Except the part about me being sad. And the needing to wallow. Oh, and the blanket. The blanket stuff is all true, baby.


No excuse

One of the “issues” in this world that is close to my heart is the plight of the people of Tibet. Those within Tibet are suffering racial and cultural genocide. The Chinese government, these hosts of the 2008 International Olympics, is exterminating Tibet and Tibetans as we watch.

I’m not sure when this incident took place but I believe it was within the last 2 weeks. One report said it happened on September 30th but I only saw it at http://www.mounteverest.net/ yesterday.

A group of 70 to 80 Tibetan refugees were trying to flee to Nepal, crossing at a border point between China and Nepal called Nangpa La. Chinese soldiers took aim and shot at the refugees, killing at least one young nun. Many of the group were young children. You can find some accounts from mountaineers – who didn’t do much to help but at least documented what happened – at the site above. Here are some links to news articles:

How can we allow a people to be made helpless, voiceless, in their own land? While Israel lobs bombs for sketchy reasons at other countries and postures with its many weapons, the Tibetans are a peaceful nation without an army, without a defence. And while it seems that no one is allowed to be critical of the Israeli right to defend itself, we turn away from the plight of Tibet and instead embrace trade and good relations with the Chinese government. Don’t Tibetans have a right to defend themselves too? Do we just not care because their land isn’t a hotbed of contention for Western interests? What is wrong with our planet?

The kind of torture, the physical, emotional and psychological pain Tibetans have been through is not enough to open our mouths. Western mountaineers watch them being shot “like dogs” and “like rabbits” but this is not enough to spur them to some action. Why?

I don’t know. I really do not know at all. But if you are interested in finding out more or helping in any way here are two good organizations:

For anyone in Toronto: The CTC has sent out a message saying that they will be organizing a protest in front of the Chinese Consulate (240 St. George St. Toronto) on Monday, October 16 from 5.00 to 7.00pm. I’m sure they will welcome your support.

Chinese soldiers marched away with a line of young children. Please say a prayer for them, light a candle for them tonight, and hope they will be safe.

Yours in peace, and always in love,