Oh yeh. I’m crying. Well, my heart is anyway. My heart of pure green’n’gold is weeping. My Eskies, my beloved Edmonton Eskimos, pride of my eyes for almost my entire life are … are … <say it dammit!> … are … OUT of the playoffs! I know. I know. Fans of other CFL (that’s Canadian Football League for non-Canuck pals) teams tell me to go away. But the Eskies are a dynasty team. I’ve loved them since I watched my first football game in this country at 3 years old. 3 YEARS OLD, MAN. I wasn’t even reading Tolkien yet.

Now, T-Dot fans, don’t slam me (Random Dave that’s you pal!). You know I luurve the Argos. But the Eskies … that’s my TEAM. My boys. They’ve been in the playoffs for the last 35 years!

I’m sad. I need to wallow. I need to cry over the Eskies homepage. Maybe throw some Calgon (or whatever it is) in the tub so it can take me away. Then I’ll get out and fold up my Eskie blanket into a nice pillow so I can sleep on it and have Eskie-coloured dreams until next year.

Yeah, yeah. I hear you. “Get over it,” you say. Clearly your cold heart has never experienced a love as true as mine. A love that always comes through. The love of a lifetime.

All that’s left to say is AAAAARRRRGOO-O-O-O-O-O-O-SSSS!!! (Ooooh Montreal, are we coming for you boys!) **sadly removes the Eskie flag from its place of waving, beside its Argo brother**

Hehehe. Y’all know I’m only joking. Except the part about me being sad. And the needing to wallow. Oh, and the blanket. The blanket stuff is all true, baby.



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