I can almost hear the horns winding

Yesterday I went to see Pan’s Labyrinth. I expected it to be some fantastical type of movie with the usual epic or not-quite-epic (read “lame”)  storyline. I thought the whole marvel of the movie was in the set or the scenery or the Spanish. I most definitely did not expect to find myself in the midst of a true story of Faerie.

This is what Pan’s Labyrinth is, it’s a proper faerie story. It’s not sugar-coated and dipped in fluffy marshmallow. There are no glittering tutus and pixie dust. It’s a real exploration of the twilight refuge of Faerie from the often darker world of human brutality and violence. And like a proper faerie story, it won’t leave me alone. It’s still there, hanging off the edge of my consciousness, calling to me to come and explore realms I think I’d rather leave alone and yet …

And yet, I’m not sure I’m the kind of person who can. Faerie knows where kindred spirits hide. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to capture me since I’m long past my youth and innoncence but there are stories they want to wind about me, stories I’ll have no choice but to tell. Is it all in my addled brain? Was it all in Ofelia’s poor, overwrought mind? I love the way the story ends, leaving you to wonder at it. It could be that it was all in her own mind however, there are faerie stories that tell of the mortal side needing to die so that the faerie side can live on – if you have both sides.

Well, all I can say is that the realm of Faerie usually crosses my path in threes. I swear to you I’m not making this up. It started with a dream I had about wandering in that world. I forgot about the dream by the next afternoon when, at the discount bookshop I picked up a copy of Fairies by Alan Lee and Brian Froud. Something just said “pick it up, pick it up,” so I went with it. And then I decided to go up to the cinema and see what the crowd was like for Bridge to Terebithia, which the boy wanted to see. There were too many kids, so I nixed it but since I was already there and I was alone, I looked around for a “grown-ups” movie I could go to; I picked Pan’s Labyrinth.

Interesting …


One thought on “I can almost hear the horns winding

  1. Frodo-lass says:

    I don’t think the faeries would want me either. If they gave me a quest, I would spend all the time questioning their orders and demanding they help me hehe.

    It’s really cool to hear about your faerie path of three. Maybe you have been chosen after all…

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