to hold another’s hands
in yours
to hold their heart
in yours
to whisper love
to the stars
and hear the whisper
in your mind
to love and be loved
is the greatest adventure

it’s not safe to give
your heart away
it’s not easy to open
your soul to another
can you cast your light
into the dark?
can you weep into
the barren ground
and bring forth the life
that love is?

we never know if we can
we don’t know how we do
but love is the greatest risk
the most frightening journey
it will change you
and you have to be brave
it will hurt you
and you have to bear it
it will heal you
and you will have to find the grace
it will save you
and you will have to know

do not hold another’s hands
in your hands
without holding their heart
in your heart
if you are unsure
do not open the door
to love because
the universe will pour in
and you will not
remain unscathed

Thanks CJ. I wrote this a long time ago and I’d forgotten.


2 thoughts on “untitled

  1. merrill says:

    in sharing our oldwords
    our poetry
    our times
    i am learning more about myfriend and my

  2. ~lara says:


    me too. the more i learn, the more i love.

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