Mindon Eldaliéva

Mindon Eldaliéva calling me down to the shore;
Mindon Eldaliéva lights the way home evermore.

From beyond the mists of twilight
Where earth and sky kiss and meet,
A silver beacon seems to show me
The way back from long defeat.

Though my eyes have never seen it
Shining from green hill afar,
My heart is ever turned toward it
As my only guiding star.

Mindon Eldaliéva shimmers over waters still;
Mindon Eldaliéva shining gently from your hill.

Slender silver beacon in the tower,
In the Mindon, there upon
The green hill of Elven Túna
In the midst of Tirion.

Will I walk into the gardens?
Will I ever see the walls?
Can I stop there? Can I rest there
Before I leave from Mandos’ halls?

The light of gentle Mindon calls to me near and far.
My footsteps ever searching by the water for this star.

I haunt the edge of seashore
Where my tears mix with the brine,
And as I know my heart is breaking
The foamy waves begin to shine.

Ulmo, Lord of Waters grace me
With deepest wisdom of your heart.
My blood beats with the waves’ sighs
Yet I lack the courage to depart.

And seek Mindon Eldaliéva beyond furthest mortal shore,
To die in light of silver beacon, leave this world forever more.

Mindon Eldaliéva guide me for in this I ever trust;
When time and tide are ready I will find you as I must.

(September 29, 2006)


3 thoughts on “Mindon Eldaliéva

  1. Random Dave says:

    Ok, I’m not a big Tolkien fan or anything but I like this. There’s a beautiful lyrical quality to it. (You’ll probably have to teach me how to say these names though.)

  2. ~lara says:

    wow, dave … *is speechless* … i’m really glad you like this and you know i’ll be happy to teach you anything Tolkien. 😉

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, wow 🙂 I was just skimming info about Mindon Eldaliéva, and your poem came up on Google. As a fanatic of all things elven and Tolkien…I wish I’d seen this sooner!

    It’s a beautiful piece of work. You do great honor to Tolkien, and I could see Galadriel herself choosing such gorgeous lyrics for her song. You really captured the voice of the literature, the mysticism of the Elves, and the heartbreaking beauty of Tirion.

    Well done!!

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