why do I?

how much there is to say
of the virtue of a man’s love
of how his voice can touch the stars
and bring them down within reach of his dreams
of how his eyes can reflect the dreams of many
and hold yet to his own vision
what better thing than to be wrapped
in the arms of the man who loves you
who cares enough to let you be real
who is not afraid of your tears
and lets his own fall freely with you
I have been stronger than the roots of the mountains
but not so strong that my love has been the rock
upon which I have built the house of my dreams
I have carried burdens that he will never know
yet his shoulders do not fail to uphold the world for me
I have been alone in the night of my mind
and he entered to curl up next to me
waiting patiently for me to emerge
I have dreamed of his eyes when no other
dream would get me through the day
and waited for the oasis of his embrace
when the world turned to ash at my feet
I have not depended on his beauty to shape my life
but my very existence has been blessed
by the joyous wash of his voice
his endurance has not carved my way but
he has been my light in the darkness
the eternal can only be found in
the house of my own soul but in sharing
mine with his we have been
brushed by the wings of angels
his love has gone beyond
my body and out into the universe
and my eyes have seen the truth
his mind, so sharp has matched my own
allowing him to come through the
doors of my wisdom
no, not all men will be perfect
and some will rend your heart
but do not turn love away when it is offered
in the eyes of one seeing you with his soul
hold his hand and feel him trembling
see that he is afraid and fearless all at once
and marvel at the grace of his creation


2 thoughts on “why do I?

  1. Random Dave says:

    Wow, will you be my girlfriend and write me poems like this? Sorry, I know you’ll throw things, so maybe not.

    Seriously, this makes me want to be worthy of someone writing these words. It’s amazing to me how fiercely independent and solitary you are and yet, you can write this. He must really be something.

  2. ~lara says:

    he is.

    and so, my friend, are you.

    i won’t be your girlfriend – it will extend your life, trust me. but i’ll be your pal and love you 4ever. i’ll try to write you poetry but i might end up with dirty limericks …

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