Falling in the twilight

I wish I could be funny and light right now. If there is a God, he/she/it knows I’m trying. But there is so much, so much on my mind. I put away the post I did the other day but I’ll bring over this bit:

Love is the border around the known map. Don’t play there for beyond that place, there be dragons. Be sure or begone.

It’s wrong actually. Love, real love, not the infatuation, obsession thing, is the land around the border around the known map. It’s that twilight place. No wonder I’ve been falling over my face, tripping over Faerie every 5 seconds. This place where we dare to dare, where we don’t just dream of the adventure – we become the adventure. This place is love’s playground. And it’s scary to me.

What would you do if the same moon shone on you twice? Would you know? If you got a second chance to see everything you had missed about those silky beams of silver, would you look? What if there was danger in the looking? What if to look meant to be profoundly changed, opened like a night flower – a flower that might die in the light of day. Would you look? If you knew that you would be so incredibly blessed by what lies within the moonbeams, but your heart would break, would you open yourself? Would you dare to dream of that second chance?

And if your reality and your dream merged? Where would you be?

there is an angel on my pathway
and he ushers in the end of times
the end of me and all i know
the start of something completely new
but i don’t want to end
i quieted my heart with so many lullabyes
i don’t want it to wake up
and wound me for sport
i don’t want to be reminded
that i’ve built a house of cards
where i hide my love inside
but he beckons and i can’t stop
i walk to him and find out
i never left his side


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