Best beloved

I drank the blood of wine
  from your lips of earth
    heard your screams from that
             far away place
                  best beloved
                  tortured soul
why do we do this to one another
chasing through dimensions of the eternal
  where the body
          so frail
     cannot exist
Your claws sharp with truth
            stripped the flesh
       from my cowering spirit
         while I bowed before the grace
            and terror you became
best beloved
                                             tortured soul
The fools who love on rose petals
   whose mewling songs fall as ash
could not understand
        the bond that shatters
    can never know
       mind numbing fright of
       never again being one’s own self
always haunted by the visage of
   the one, the singularity
        that was
              but you and I
                                                 best beloved
tortured soul
             journey through planes
         wading through mutual blood
  drawn from our mortal wounds
                  mad as the gods


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