The dragon

the dragon peers at me
asking questions with his eyes
beckoning me to come closer
i should hate him
he is my enemy – or so i’ve been told
but i can’t see the malice
cannot hear the venom
he sees me as i am
and it is intriguing
gently he warms me
with breath that could scorch
this flesh to vapour
if he chose it
what do i make of his choice
mercy instead of death
understanding instead of anger
i can speak no words
for they are too rough and
bound to this world
my mind answers him in
thought pure as crystal
and he laughs
i am so near to him now
that glowing eye focused
on all my smallness
all my weakness
but he does not move
to him, i am intriguing
softly he sends tendrils
of thought down my shoulders
cascading like golden
droplets inside my skin
i drink in his burning gaze
before i approach
and lay my palm on copper scales
with touch we are one
it is the way of dragons
so i’ve been told
we will always dream of one another
a silent kiss in my mind
so gentle, so gentle
i cannot stop my tears as i
draw close to him
to hear his heart beating
he leaves only love behind
when he flies into the rising moon


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