Prayer for lost stones

Do not weep for the story
that cannot now be told
Do not hold to the history
that seems to you incomplete
Do not lament for the lives
that have been lost to you
Do not cry
for lost stones

Lost stones will lay buried
in millenia of ash and rubble
to be found early one morning
by a man building
a house of worship

Lost stones will be put into
the foundation of a new home
will become the keystone
of a fortress of honour

And new hopes will rest
on their strength

The story of lost stones
will seep through
the earth to rise in a tree’s
outspread arms to the
sky where the sun
will rejoice in their tales

The pain of lost stones
will sink through the earth
run through it to the
lifeblood of flowing water
tears puring into the
sea where they mix
with the music of the Ainur
and finally find peace

What you have lost today
These stones upon which
is built the history of your life
will not be forever lost
and cannot be forgotten

You carry their joy
in your song
and your feet dance
across the face of
these lost stones, broken stones
and pattern their love
into the heart of the world

(October 7, 2006)


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