the way of it

so funny
i got used to you
so quickly
and now i don’t even
think of you twenty
a day
i just float on you
knowing you are there
too readily
i can move past
you now
did you know?
on to others calling
to me from
impossible heights
across distance and time
ignoring their
own deaths
to touch me
with glorious madness
and love
not like yours
but not different
still i float
on you
wrap myself in you
on this cold, cold night
of howling wind
i know you won’t mind
the others love
but not like you
you are fire
they are air
you are water
giver of life
they are the muse
the passion
of mind.
ancient cards told
me to combine
my separate selves
for you
but you’ll think
me crazy when
you see how it is
with me
i must answer when
i must move past
even you
into the in-between place
of shadows
and dark reality
i’m afraid to make you solid
scared of your scorn
my line to this
earth is
so tenuous, at best.


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