Day for Burma

Hey all, I’ve been away for a while. I’ll be back soon I promise. Today is an International Bloggers’ Day for Burma. No blog. Just full on support for the people of Burma. We need to pray for peace and ACT for a resolution.


Wawaweewa!! Childrens of Húrin! I like! ;)

Wawaweewawa … I have in my hot little paws my copy of Children of Húrin and it’s gor-gee-ous. Kudos to! I got an email y’day saying it had shipped and today, there it was on my doorstep!!

I can’t wait to get into it, later tonight when I’ve taken care of all the nightly stuff and the boy is in bed. I love Alan Lee’s pencil sketches throughout the text – adds a lovely touch.


This is my favourite tale of the Elder Days and I’ll have to savour it – and cry a lot. I’ll let you know what I think. Please let me know what you think too. 🙂

Tolkien Reading Day

Each year the Tolkien Society celebrates Tolkien Reading Day on March 25th (Sauron’s final downfall). Wellinghall, our smial here in the GTA is meeting up for an afternoon of food, laughter, reading and discussion. If you like Tolkien, consider this an invite to come on down (up or over) and join us. We’ll be meeting at 1.00 this Saturday (March 24) at the Pickle Barrel, Yorkdale Mall (in Toronto). It will also be our first anniversary of smial-hood. 🙂

The group is open to anyone and everyone, of all ages. And you don’t need to be a fanatic or a scholar, although we love those. 😉  In the spirit of the day, what we do is we each select a favourite passage, poem, or song from any of Tolkien’s works and read it. Even our Entings get into the spirit. So, if you’re interested, bookmark your favourite passage(s) and let us know over at the forum so that we can make sure we have enough seats for everyone. Hope to see you there.

The White Tree sighing

(A song of Gondor)

Children, do you hear?
In the breeze, beyond the meadow?
Carried in the echo of tears
the echoes of time,
it is the White Tree sighing.

Love, can you feel
the weight of blessedness,
the love of the gods?
From the first Silver Tree
to the blossom in the courtyard,
the breath of light
leads us all.

Borne afar on winds of sorrow
past the death of hope,
knowing that its end would come
rejoicing all the more in life
White Tree! White Tree!
I hear your ancient sigh.

Flowers bloom
and flowers wither;
leaves flutter to the black water.
The tree dies aged and ageless
while in the mountain snows
a sapling sprouts
sad seeds, waiting
quietly breathing desolation.

My liege, my liege
can you lead the way?
Can life o’ercome crawling
death in the darkness?
Yes, for yours are the hands
of healing and of light;
pure, silver, as the eldest
of all the lamps of Heaven.

Children, do you hear?
Wafting on the sound of love,
Tree and King,
Love and Life,
joined at last together again.
This joy you hear is
the White Tree sighing.

Helpful stuff for the Tolkien Encyclopedia

Bah! I’ve been meaning to do this for ages! I excitedly got my copy of The Tolkien Encylopedia and ripped open the box, eager for the worthy tome. I cracked it open and found … there’s no frickin’ Table of Contents! So … who publishes a $170+ book without a Table of Contents? I ask you.

Well, ok, I tell you. Not too many people. I’d like to actually use the book so I did up a TOC (by entry) and then Author and Theme indices. Yes, I’m a nerd like that. (Live with it, RD.) So, I’m posting them up here for anyone who happens by.

Tolkien Encyclopedia Theme Index

Tolkien Encyclopedia TOC

Tolkien Encyclopedia Author Index

New Tolkien work to be published next spring

Christopher Tolkien has been a busy fellow after all. He’s been putting together The Children of Húrin which will be available in the spring of 2007. Here are links to CNN and The Book Standard with the article.

Big news if you love the story of Túrin. I’m really looking forward to it. Now, it doesn’t say if this is a poem or prose version. And I’m guessing it will be more involved than what we currently have in the History of Middle-earth. (Uh oh, my inner geek is in danger of overexposure here.) BTW, I found this cool link at about the mythology of M-e.

Looking forward to this book will get me through the winter. 🙂