Garden of Isil

My first encounter with Tolkien was at 11 or 12 when our teacher would read The Hobbit to us on Friday afternoons. She didn’t make a big announcement about it, she simply said one day “We’re going to be reading this book today and every Friday afternoon until the end of the year.” We put away all of our things and propped up our heads in our hands and listened. From the very first sentence, “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.” I was caught. Hooked like a hapless fish.

She never did finish so I went out to find the book on my own. Back then, it was difficult to find a lot of books by Tolkien and I only found The Silmarillion. Not one to be daunted, I cracked it open and soaked up its beauty. It’s the one book I have read more than every other book I own. It constantly provides inspiration and depth, tragedy and beauty. It never fails to touch my soul and bring forth words from my muse.

Of course since then, I’ve read everything else I could get my hands on – and thankfully these days, that’s a fair bit of reading. 🙂 But most often, you’ll find me strolling along the in the moonlit nights of the First Age in the forests, along the deserted strands, through the rivers, over the mountains … Always wandering, always singing, always able to see the Straight Road home.

Tale of Arien

Whisper in the firmament
Love song
The Road continues ever on
Mindon Eldaliéva
The White Tree sighing

Fun Stuff
Twas the night of the movie


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