Get used to it

i guess i just have to get used to not sleeping, but it would certainly be nice to get a full night of sleep. who knew good things could make you this crazy?

at least i’m writing everyday. lol.

on monsoon nights
the air is full of redolent
breezes sigh
curling around your ears
like the tendrils
of your lover’s hair
rain falls
pregnant with life
with love
you see where he leans
against the damp
the trees blow
swaying like seductive
dancers in the downpour
his voice rolls
across you
thunder over
a parched plain
like a bird
suddenly seeing freedom
your heart leaves
you behind
to stand wondering
as rain kisses


2 thoughts on “Get used to it

  1. Frodo-lass says:

    I hope you’re able to get some sleep but I love these sleepless poems. I’m torn! If only there was a way to post blogs in one’s sleep…

  2. ~lara says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying them. 🙂

    How cool it would be to write in our sleep, to capture that crazy dreamscape! What an idea you’ve left me with …

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