God is in the rain

This line comes from V for Vendetta. I loved it as it was used in the movie and I felt it the night before last when that wild storm swept the heat out of Toronto.

First the clouds and wind advanced in a solid line. The sky was evening blue, you know, that colour as turquoise deepens and blackens to navy; it lies somewhere in the middle looking both crisp and deep and full of dreams, the perfect backdrop for the first glittering star of the evening. As the clouds moved overhead I went outside.

They were lit underneath with the fluorescent orange glow of the city, a colour both artificial and unsettling. And the edge of the storm was not marked with cloud-shaped borders, it was an eerie smooth, curved edge. It made me think of Sauron’s advancing gloom over Middle-earth. The trees whipped up, hissing and thrashing as the wind stomped through their branches. It was still stifling and hot but you could feel the undercurrent of coolness coming down from the north.

Then, the lightning began, heat lightning at first, like Zeus riding his chariot through the black clouds, and then grand strikes, jagged and blinding. We watched, waiting.

Two drops of water landed on my face, two drops on Richard. And suddenly, the sky opened up. Water fell in large, juicy drops, so fast, and driven by the wind that we were soaked before we could get inside. Lightning seared, the wind danced in a frenzy and thunder cracked open the back of that heat.

I stood there feeling it. The electricity of it, the sensual danger of it. I felt it. God is in the rain. I was refreshed, awakened from days of sweat-drenched stupour. I was alive. Without realizing it, I had my hands raised to the sky, welcoming the live-giving rain, hearing the sigh of the parched earth, the wilted plants, the heavy hearts. I needed this rain, this reprieve from sleepless madness. I needed the song of its drops and the violence of its energy. The cool air blew in from all around, like love to a starved heart. God is in the rain.


7 thoughts on “God is in the rain

  1. Jo-Anna says:

    Lara, I love your description. It’s like I’m standing right there when I read this, and my heart beats faster as you paint the picture. Being a storm-lover, myself, I relish the words you used to describe this wonderful, powerful weather. Yes, God is in the rain, whether literally, as in a storm, or figuratively, as in our life circumstances. Love the imagery! Beautiful!
    Thanks, dear-heart.

  2. ~lara says:

    Thanks, Jo! I figured you’d be able to relate to this feeling. I love the phrase “God is in the rain.” That is so poignant to me. And it just felt so TRUE that night, didn’t it?

  3. Casey says:

    My heart began to race and long for a good storm. There has been only a couple of storms in my life like the one you lara descibed. And i can hardly wait for the next one. Thank you Lara

  4. Toby says:

    My mother taught me to love the rain and all of its poetic indiscrimination. I appreciated your description of the storm, even more so because as I write it is pouring outside. I took the opportunity to stand in it, to appreciate it, to experience it. I think the movie got it right. God IS in the rain. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. fotomurthy says:

    incredible writing | felt like ur heart grabbed a quill and wrote all those above lines | jus so simple | so precise | just so poetic | god bless | good life to u 🙂

  6. feelsmeaday says:

    True words, some truthful words man. You made my day!

  7. Rabbitto says:

    I do not believe in god, but I do believe in people and the spiritual meanings of things. People create everything……… but rain was here long before the first one celled organism would excist and the first ”drop” to mankind would take place.

    Nobody actually experiences rain anymore.. nobody wants to get wet, get uncomfortable. Rain is a nuisance and nobody appreciates it.
    It is the giver of all life on the planet but a few people that realize ”life” or ”god” is in that rain. Different cultures call it by different names but we all mean the same.

    This poem was absolutely beautiful and while I read it, I was listening to Evey Reborn from the V for Vendetta soundtrack. I feel alot more peaceful after reading this and was thinking of REALLY experiencing the rain when I hear the first drops knocking on my window again welcoming me to play outside with them.

    Thank you.

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