White dakhini

White Dakhini
 calling to my soul
 with voice of
 crystal chimes
 sounding out the pride
 and iniquity of
 my ego

I want to follow
 in your cold footsteps
 to the heart of
 the mystery of my soul
 Let me unravel the
 cords of karma and
 lay them softly
 at your feet

Hold open my eyes
 to the dance of death
 that all feet pattern
 on the green face
 of the world
 Cover me with your
 cool snows that I
 will not heed the
 inferences of my
 errant passions

Shine before me
 like the stars of night
 imprinting destiny
 on to the stretched black
 canvas of my
 shrouded mortality

Allow me to follow
 in your transparent footsteps
 past bodies of
 living death
 Show me the spiral
 of your icy grasp
 that will fling me
 into the nothingness
 that is the truth
 of all hearts

May 10, 2004


Black dakhini

Clothed in gold
 wrapped around the
 black of recognition
 She wields the power to
 destroy the worlds
 and enslave what minds
 are left

But instead
 what does she do?
 move with the intricate rhythms
 of time
 weaving a tapestry
 of action
 and reaction

Through her destruction
 does she cleanse
 does she heal
 does she surrender

Nothing without reason
 will she strip from the
 flesh from your back
 No blood shed that
 has not been called for
 by another
 all accounting done
 all things made equal

Listen to the tale
 told in her eyes
 and let your body
 feel the jarring sensuality
 of her being, not flesh
 not other
 follow as she leads
 for you will move past it
 She will take you beyond
 the boundaries of your
 scarred existence

Touch and destroy
 raise up, build, create
 all is her legacy
 is distraction from the
 centre and if you
 follow the way of
 the Dakini
 she will lead you from
 your madness to
 the empty peace of
 your core

(April 28, 2004)


watching the drop of clear dew
turn to red flame with the
new born sun
brightest moment before death
it evaporates

hands touching in
the moment of forever
more fleeting than tears
essence of it
remains for lifetimes

how the lotus glows
among dark water plants
against the surface of
the pond
beauty aching for light
inspired by the mud
at its roots

watching the master
in meditation
immovable as the dark
fragile as a breeze
the peace of

writing a thousand
only to discover a word
that is less
than the mind
more than the universe


(June 3, 2004)

The last walk

I have been bedecked in brilliant gems, my mind in a vacant stupour

Had gold flowing through my hands and been poor in my generosity

Received my share of praise and blame

But in the end all is made even – Karma

Only here for a season, so brief a time

I must go Home, just like every body – Dharma

The purple velvet of Twilight holds me gently

As a babe rocked to sleep in mother’s love

Stars peep out and kiss my fears

And waves sing me the eternal lullabye

My silver footsteps tread moonbeams toward Rest

No gold or trinket follows me here

Accolades reduce to whispers; rebukes come to naught – Peace

I return, without burdens, to Mother Earth and Father Sky

And dance the rhythm of forever – Aum



in that mythic corner of my mind
I’ve sculpted your face out of air and hope
coloured your eyes with the first light of evening
and left your voice that silken rope

where did you go when you walked away?
when can I show you my work of art?
you left me with that parting smile of tomorrow
that whispered secrets to my heart

the sun has touched your soul with light
the bonds that hold us are finer than air
our spirits dance in the fields of the stars
your tears of blessing sink into my hair

pale moon rises above waters on the rim
a lonely ship passes from my view
the mariner wears a white star on his brow
all times run together when I walk with you

waves lap the walls of night sighing endlessly
forgotten creatures watch with sorrow in their eyes
the unicorn and the dragon await in hope
the winged horse glides us to enfolding skies

you turn to me and brush my weeping heart
with the laughter that I have come to know so well
‘it is meant to be’, you whisper softly fading
one last touch, on which my memory will dwell

so I weave a dream with finest grace
that your steps will remember their way back to me
and sew in tiny drops of love and hope
believing that it is indeed meant to be

(January 21, 2004)

Living meditation

I thought I had a problem
a line
a fixed event in the space of time, in the flow of work, of life
my mind plumbed the depths
I saw it anew
a shining, formless thing
hanging in the space where my tranquility use to be
shimmering softly
calling my mind’s attention to it
eating up the peace that I had cornered for myself
there, was the mistake – peace is eternal
not only without but all through the delicate crystalline structure before me

yet I saw an adversary there
one whom I had imagined to be against me
saw my thoughts swirling about them with
heavy toxicity, impairing them, hurting them
weapons in my protection from perceived attacks
their thoughts, thieves weaving in and out of my mind
poisoning my happiness – stealing away my strength
this ruinous play held my attention away from peace

making me forgetful, sleepy, stupid, numb
open only to battle
all contained in this one structure
of many dimensions more than three
in the struggle there was a kind of beauty
a deadly, bladed thing to be marvelled at
cutting, slicing, rending and wrenching apart
the beauty of destruction
for so are we found

I did not understand, was not in a space of understanding, only observation

across aeons of time, through myriad forms of space dust
‘oh, take heed little one’

within the shining formless form, my mind ceased to fight, to defend
turned as if blind, seeking the source of light
the barbs and slings of the other missed now, futile for all their strength
war makes us mighty, does it not?
fell scattering through oblivion
mind sensed the otherness of the conflict and the oneness in being
but little mind, it could not understand
could only weep for time lost, happiness spent, a body broken, a heart laid out in ashes
battles and contentions come to naught
ambitions, fierce pride worn away by waves of ceaselessness

and peace like a river
coursing through eating conflict, resolving nothing, rendering no truce
peace that simply is, peace all around
dissolving the problem, salving the mind, comforting the weary warrior
reaching in
touched the warrior, opened my eyes to the living world
no problem, no thought, new as dawn
praising what we are

(November 14, 2003)


in the palm of my hand
unfolding petals of light
rayed with hope, opportunity
understanding, pain, bitterness


holding out to me the joy of
self known from the immortality
of primordial mud
yet, for all distinction
being the same as
the wisdom in its
dark roots

poet without a voice
writer without a pen
still may tell the story


walking with your brother
into the pink heart
of truth
and singing to the
dawn pregnant with yesterday’s
newness, tomorrow’s dreams


hold my hand and dissolve
fragment my heart
so the love can leak
and replenish the earth

follow no rules
the universe
will hold you in the
cradle of its


drop petals as veils
before the truth
and laugh
at the illusion

(October 14, 2003)