I came across this fabulous site today! Fresh Spam is a site by artist Kipling West where the stuff we all love to hate, deliciously despicable spam, becomes art. I love Flowerpot Bravado. You just have to check these out! There are links to other spam-inspired sites like Spam Architecture where spam is put through a computer program that renders the text into 3-D models. Unbelievable and like their wordy counterparts, bizarre – but there is at least one I would live in. (Hmm, what does that say about me?)

Ok, but I have to show you this pic, entitled “Hello Me Not Dead.” I’ve received this spam mail at least once and I LOVE this take on it! 🙂

These ones are great too:

Ahh, spam. I never knew you could be entertaining.


New jewellery

I’ve updated Wandering Moon with most of the new stuff I did to the end of the year. I have some more new things but I don’t have pics yet. Coming soon, preciouss. We likes the stoneses, we do. So sshiny, preciouss. So ssmooth.

Children of Men

I saw Children of Men today. Wow, this movie was so deep, so wide … It’s something everyone should see, even if this isn’t usually your kind of film. And I know it will probably be ignored. Sadly.

There were a couple scenes that took my breath away. The one that I think was intended to was the one where they stop fighting to allow her to bring the baby outside. You get that it’s the take-your-breath-away-making-a-point scene but it was so well done. I really was holding my breath there. A wonderful poignant moment, full of the hope of the human species and then … bang! right back to annhilation. Wonderful moviemaking.

Happy Christmas and all that

Hey everyone! Happy/Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that good stuff. December was a pretty difficult month, here’s hoping to a fresh, new ‘007! (Sorry dudes, you’ll just have to put up with me doing that all year.) Lots of love to you all. xo