Quotables from the mom

Yah, I have to share this one …

We were told about the death of a gentleman we know who was 98 years old when he passed. Mum sits and reflects and then:

“Some people have good health and some people just don’t.” **shakes her head sadly**

Now, wow! I’ve never heard anything so profound. It’s just like:

  • Some people are alive and some people are not.
  • Some people are men and some people are women.

Now our newly departed friend was 98 so I’m not sure which of the “some people” he was, healthy or unhealthy. But my guess he was definitely in one of those groups.


Quotables from the mom

Enquiring about the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

“Did you guys go to see Charlie and the Wonky Factory yet?”

… and later that same evening (after we told her the name of the movie) …

“How was Mr. Wonky’s Factory? Did you guys like it?”

Quotables from the mom

Upon watching a news segment about a forest fire:

“Fire is a dangerous thing. Especially when they come to your house.”

(Now, who is this “they” she speaks of? Maybe fire brings along some friends to your house. In any case, remember that the next time fire knocks on your door, do NOT open the door, kids. As you can see, fire is a dangerous thing. And it might have friends.)

Quotables from the mom

I introduce a new segment tonight, folks. My mother says many, many quotable things and they should be captured. Preserved – somehow. Shared. I don’t want to make fun of her. I love her dearly and yet … Well, ok fine. We HAVE to laugh. Feel free to share your own quotables …

Tonight’s feature is an oldie-but-a-goodie from some time in 2002 while watching Fellowship of the Ring. (Keep in mind, I’d only watched this movie 859 times by then. 🙂 )

“Is that Gondorf? Run, Gondorf, run! Blow your horn, Gondorf! Don’t get killed. What an idiot.”

(Boromir has now been officially renamed “Gondorf” in our house. Poor fool. Why didn’t he listen to the sage advice of “Don’t get killed?” Why, Gondorf? Why?)